Mac Pro Question!: Research paper

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    To the contrary: Mac Pros are very popular! But they are also expensive. Whence they are most often used by professionals. It's a socalled 'workstation', a.k.a. a business computer. Not a home computer.

    Your questions had best be asked of Apple! Everybody here can only guess answers.

    Don't count on getting an answer to the first question, That's probably a corporate secret.
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    Thank you!
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    Originally Posted by faith159 View Post

    i dont mind people guessing

    Your 'research' report would then be based on wild guesses. I.o.w.: useless.


    and where can i find a fiscal report of mac pros or apple sales in general?

    Where do you think? It's your turn to guess...
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    Thank you!
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    Originally Posted by faith159 View Post

    well i tried google and most searches links i found and looked at were very general. Meaning they only showed sales for Mac desktops in general. May i get a helping hand or a clue to where to go nxt =(?

    If you can't think of the most logical place to get information about Apple you should consider another subject for your paper/report.
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    Thank you!
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    If you burn your posterior you have no option but to sit on the blisters.
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