wOOt! new job, working with Macs! one question though.....

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as many of you know, i've been job hunting lately. a lot.

just quit my other job on Wed. at a telcom company to accept a sys. admin position at the U of MN. now i finally have a job where i get to work with Macs on a daily basis.

i also get to buy macs, which rules, but leads to me to a dillema.

what mac to i get for myself?

i'm hoping i can swing $3k for a personal computer purchase to match my new position, and i have my heart set on a powerbook, but is that really the best choice?

in my mind, i'm thinking it will be perfect for any network troubleshooting i might have to do, and recovery situations. however, i also know that i've been lusting after a g4 powerbook since they first came out, and could easily be deluding myself.

so i ask you, what would you recommend in this case? $3k to spend on any one machine of your choice, what do you choose and why?

thanks in advance.


edit: oh yeah, there are PC's here too which i take care of, so PC's aren't out of the question, but it would take a hell of a persuasive arguement to have me go down that road. but if someone wants to try, i'm all ears.

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    Sounds like you answered your own question, PBG4 every time.

    J :cool:
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