Creating an OS X Dropbox killer

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So this Gruber comment on a Shawn Blanc posting got me thinking about how Apple would create a Dropbox competitor.

Originally Posted by Gruber

I?ve heard rumors of a ?Dropbox-killer? service from Apple, possibly a part of Mac OS X 10.7. I don?t know if it made the cut, but we?ll find out in a few hours.

The problem, of course, is what about Windows? I?m not sure how an Apple cloud syncing solution could be tied to a new version of Mac OS X.

Interesting. But knowing Apple they wouldn't just copy Dropbox they'd add a bit of flair to their version. I'm just speculating here about some of the features that I'd love to see.

Rather than one root folder I'd love to be able to set up multiple "Cloud Folders" that could be on the Desktop or Sidebar in the Finder. That way I could have a folder for shared items or have secure folders that are password protect. Sky's the limit.

There would be an option to save a document to a sub-folder that would then publish directly to

You would have the option to sync or ignore on a folder basis. There would be Windows access as well to the Cloud Folders through an app and http access as well.

There would be Mac & iOS API access that links in with 3rd party vendors (and their API).

Apple clearly has to wrestle back control of the Cloud infrastructure that iPhone/iPad users rely on. They don't have to kill iDisk but rather they need to augment EVERY Mac and iOS iDevice with the ability to access content through the Cloud.


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    I like your ideas for an Apple "dropbox" and agree that Apple wouldn't just copy Dropbox, they'd want to make it distinctive in some way. But I also think they can't ignore what makes Dropbox so good (and popular): 1) it's remarkably simple to set up and use; 2) it's extremely reliable; 3) it's cross-platform; 4) you can get full functionality with up to 2 GB of files for free. Well, at least those are the reasons why I like it so much. Of those 4 attractive features, iDisk really has only one (#1). I would just be happy if the iDisk I'm already paying for with MobileMe was good enough that I'd actually want to use it. So I'm not sure if a new Apple entry is needed rather than just making their existing iDisk better, and knowing Apple's penchant for simplicity in the market, I kinda think they'd go that route rather than introduce a new file syncing service. That's just my guess though, of course!
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    Apple should purchase DropBox and be happy.
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