Didn't know where to put this but is using an old pro 17 charger on my new pro 13 bad

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I have a month old macbook pro 13. I went to Mexico and lost my charger. My last computer was a 2007 Macbook pro 17 with the mag safe and it works on the new one it charges it but its a lot bigger. I went online and it looks like the difference is one is a 60 watt and the other is an 80 watt. Is this going to mess up my computer?



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    It won't mess anything up.
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    Originally Posted by tangobob View Post

    It won't mess anything up.

    ok thank you. I was just nervous because the new charger has a bigger 85w than the one that came with my mac that was only 60w
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    I've used the 85w charger from my 15" on the girlfriend's 13" (which came with a lesser charger, 65w or 45w I can't remember) and it works fine. Oddly enough, her charger seems to work just fine with my 15" too
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    You can use high wattage with low, but not low wattage with high. You're fine.
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    I went to apple and they said its fine because the macbook is smart enough to not take more wattage than it needs.

    to Dja they said you aren't suppose to use the smaller 13' charger on the 15 or 17
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