Using Westell 7500 and AEBS-n as a bridge

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
The modem that I am using is the Westell 7500 provided by Verizon for their DSL service.

I have an Airport Extreme Base Station-N router that I wanna setup to connect my Slingbox, Xbox Live, and DirecTV DVR.

The AEBS router seems to be setup well, as I have it set to join the current network. The router even shows a steady green light. Even when I look type in the Verizon router's config page, it shows the AEBS in their list of devices connected to the network. Everything just looks right, seems that the AEBS doesn't seem to be receiving any internet data at all. My Slingbox can't detected on my home network; my Xbox Live account cannot log in, and DirecTV DVR can't seem to get a connection. I even tested the AEBS on my Macbook and Windows machine, by plugging the ethernet cable, but that won't work either.

BTW, the AEBS-n is set to join the Westell 7500 network via WPA encryption.

Anyone have any other ideas or solutions to this problem?
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