Top 5 secrets about iPhone4 the apple company won't tell you;

in iPhone edited January 2014
No1; 99% of apple iphone made in China. It shows you "Assembled in China"

No2; 60% of users have the signal problem of apple iphone4.

No3;The apple iphone Steve Jobs showed us is absolutely different from what we have in hand.

No4;Fail to the file manage,

No5;The white edition still does not come into the market

No6;The profit margin of one apple iPhone4 is 60%.


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    Hi, troll.

    Says "In China" on all packaging. Same thing.

    1% of users have the antenna "problem".


    Make a coherent sentence next time.

    And how, exactly, is Apple not telling us this?

    We know this. What's your point? It's called capitalism for a reason.
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