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Does anyone know if we'll ever see full across the board(or at least full audio card) support from creative?

they seemed to be at least minutely interested in mac being that they made the soundblaster live mac edition, but I want an audigy!

also they have a slew of other useful and cool products, I feel that Creative would gain greatly supporting mac, but then again It probavbly won't happen anytime soon

anyone know anything about it?


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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    Yet another reason why Apple should make a headless micro-tower iMac with just one PCI and one AGP slot. What kinda macs do most people own? iMacs, not PowerMacs. Want a nice PCI soundcard for that iMac to use as a digital theatre or to rip MP3's faster? Sorry, closed box, no expansion. Oh wait? You can buy a nice PowerMac, but they're way too expensive.

    It's not just that consumers are unlikely to buy PowerMacs, but also that most Pros using a powermac will likely look to much higher-end sound solutions than a soundblaster Audigy (though I hear it's quite good). Creative knows this, and is not likely to make Macs a priority when the market is so limited.

    Now, if a faster version of firewire -- which looks to be the only speedy expansion iMacs will ever have -- comes out, then some enterprising mac-centric company could concievably put soundblaster hardware in a nice little box (no bigger than an external HDD) and CONSUMER mac users could have a sound card option.

    Come on Apple! Give us a micro-tower iMac, or give us a 999 Low-end PowerMac. Hell why not do away with iMacs completely and just have about 6 models of Tower Macs? From 799 to 3499 without displays. Really have something for everyone.
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