Best color printer for the money?

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Currently I have an Epson Workforce 600 that I spent a lot of money on a bit over a year ago. It has given me beautiful photos and lightning fast prints. However, a couple months ago it just stopped printing black for whatever reason. I replaced the ink and still won't print black. Color works perfectly. I tried printing a large solid black square and it runs thru it in 2secs and theres no ink on the paper. I don't get it. A quick Google search shows that people have this issue with all brands of printers too.

So, I guess I'm buying a new one. Black Friday deals show Office Depot with an "improved" WorkForce 610 for just $59 which I think I'll pick up, but is there a better printer I should be looking at?

I NEED a wireless network printer because it's shared with 5 laptops in the house and its must be good with photos and glossy paper. We also do the occasional scan/copy too.


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    Best color printer for the money?

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    Originally Posted by jackkback View Post

    While most of us just consider a new printer's price tag, choose which printer to buy, there is a very important aspect to consider: the cost of printer ink or toner.

    Very true. Outside of a few outliers, I think you can expect to get satisfactory performance from any number of cheap ink-jets on the market. But look at the cost of ink and do the math. Two machines with similar performance and sub-$100 price tags could end up many hundreds of dollars different in ink costs over the life of the machine.

    I have a Canon Pixma that as far as I can make out delivers the best balance of quality and cost per page. Interesting study here.
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    Try canon LBP series.
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    Laser printer are done business now days so therefore Laser Printer is better choice.

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