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I've read a number of users complain that the new G4 chips are NOT the long-awaited apollos.

Well, according to Maccentral today, they are indeed.

What does this mean? How far can the Apollo scale? Does this change whether or not we'll see G5's in the summer?

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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    Wow. That's interesting news. I didn't think the Apollo would be shipping by now!
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    g-newsg-news Posts: 1,107member
    The article clarifies a few interesting things.

    first it confirms that motorola won't announce the G5 before it ships with Apple products (they "dont' mind helping Apple" in keeping their secrets)

    And secondly it most certainly means that we're not going to see DDR and G4 in the same system ever.

    It also says the Apollo will scale further, thus we can expect either another speed bump at MWNY (MWTokyo is PowerBook time, for sure), or G5 at MWNY, although I find that unlikely, even though I'd like to find it very likely).

    Of course scaling could also mean it will scale further in the PowerBooks and iMacs...

    Interesting question would be, whether it would be feasible for Apple to create a new motherboard that supports DDR over extra chipsets, without the CPU changing from the current design. Feasible it likely is, but would performance take a hit?

    Because one thing's for sure.

    If Apple wants to break the GHz barrier, and wants the second half to be a time of transition, as stated by Apple officials. They'll either have to go G5 or improve the G4 including the motherboard to such a degree, that it would really offer something new. Given Motorola's past failures to scale CPUs, I'd say the G4 won't go over 1.4Ghz this year, thus without a new mobo going with that, there wouldn'e be either transition nor GHz gaps closed.

    To sum it all up:

    This year is either going to


    -bring another mobo revision for the G4

    -rock with the G5.

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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    [quote]Originally posted by G-News:


    To sum it all up:

    This year is either going to


    -bring another mobo revision for the G4

    -rock with the G5.</strong><hr></blockquote> least we've got everything covered!
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    slackerslacker Posts: 127member
    I think this is a good sign for the G5 to come out this year. Since they didn't go through the hassle of creating a new chipset and mobo to support DDR, since Apollo still only supports the 133MHz bus, and many other advancements that are needed in the powermac line.

    I think this points to the G5 being released with a fully redesigned system, why waste R&D upgrading the G4 system if the Apollo doesn't really have much for new features other than more speed? We will see G5 buy MWNY at the latest!!!
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