Advantages of Apple TV over Mac mini?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I have a Mac mini with both Plex and Boxee, and at least 50 movies and 65 TV shows in my Movies folder. With the advent of AirPlay; the upcoming ATVFlash; and possibility of iOS apps for Apple TV, would there be any advantages to purchasing an Apple TV?


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    I now have two AppleTVs in my house. They are so much more user-friendly for watching TV than the mini was in that position.

    The biggest downside is that any video has to be able to play through iTunes. It involved a lot of trans-coding to make some stuff playable, but once done, I like the AppleTV much better on the TV than the mini.

    The mini is now set up as a media server for the house.
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    for those of you who don't have a mini already, the obvious advantage is price x5. for everyone else the advantage is sofa navigation
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