MB to Sony Bravia - Problems

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hey -

So I'm trying to connect my Macbook (I got this back in like 2006-2007?) to my Sony Bravia TV. I have the current set-up:

Sony Bravia --> VGA Cable --> VGA-to-Mini DVI Convertor --> MacBook

When I plug it in, the Macbook detects it (since I can see the MacBook screen adjusting to it) but when I go to find it on the TV (Input/Source), the "PC" option is grayed out. I've been trying everything (Detect Display, etc) for the Bravia to detect it but no dice. Any help would be great.

For the time being, I'm using a S-Video to Mini-DVI-to-S-Video adapter to the MacBook but the quality is really poor (except when watching movies).

What am I missing here? I would love to be able to connect it to the TV and basically use that as a monitor for everything (movies, games, browsing the internet, etc)


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