CPU hiss (Core 2 powersave noise)

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First off, I have a 13 MacBook Pro and a 13 MacBook (white) next to each other. The first is a from summer 2009 and is mine and the second one is a couple of months old and is my girlfriends.

While I'm up one night and everything is completely silent, I notice that my computer is, while not exactly noisy, is noticeably "louder" that hers.

I then put my ear to the keyboard and listen and to my shock hear, behind the fan-noise and hard disc crackle, high frequency electric hissing that sometimes has a small "gap" in it, that makes it completely apparent that it isn't just the fan. The noise is loudest over the left side.

While this noise is not at all noticeable while I sit in normal writing position, it's still there.

I do a search and come up with some talk about the Core 2 processors power save mode that hisses.

So my questions is:

- Is this something to worry about? Will it get worse on a 1.5 year old machine?

As it is now I can live with it.

- Does it have something to do with the aluminium enclosure (induction)?

- Is the plastic Mac slightly better sound proofed because of the material and could that cause the difference in fan noise?

- How common is this on this model range?

- Starting programs such as Photobooth and going to battery power slightly changes the sound, but it's still there.

I made the exact same tread in the Apple hardware forum, but by looking at

the number of visitors and number of answers, it seems that that forum is

mostly dormant. Therefore the move.
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