Will new ibook come out

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Hi all,

I have noticed that my local retail store has discontinued all ibooks in preparation for new models in feb... does anyone have any idea on what the new models will be...




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    What do you mean? They just came out with a new one. Other than a bumped CPU I can't see them changing much at all.
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    Here's what I know has happened:

    1. Apple introed new iBooks at MWSF02 that feature a 14.1" display, enhanced battery, and bigger case (there might be more..)

    Here's what I think will happen:

    Apple moved the iBook to the lager screen and case to prep it for the G4 chip in May-July timeframe. I think there will be only one 12.1" combo model (possibly with G3 chip), a 14.1" combo model with 800Mhz apollo G4 and a version with a superdrive.

    Prices? I guess:

    12.1" 733Mhz G3 combo : $999

    14.1" 800 Mhz G4 combo : $1299

    14.1" 800 Mhz G4 superdrive : $1799

    Also.. look for PB with 800MHz G4 chip very soon, and superdrive! I just wish they'd up the resolution on ALL their displays..

    12.1" iBook : 1024x768 is ok actually

    14.1" iBook : 1280x768

    15.2" TiPB : 1600x1024-1080 (whatever works out to 16:10/9)

    15" LCD on iMac and studio display : 1400x1080

    17" LCD : 1600x1200

    22" LCD : 1920x1080 (is that right?)
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    No way is the iBook going straight for the top model Apollo.

    Ti PowerBook is likely to go to 667-800 Apollo at MWTY, maybe iBook 500-600MHz G4. NO WAY 800.

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    relax man.
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