How much is your iTunes collection worth?

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I was bored, and did some math.

at .99 a song, 1.99 a TV show, and 14.99 a movie, how much is your iTunes collection worth

(media only, don't include ibooks or apps)

This doesn't mean what you've only bought from iTunes, it includes CDs/DVDs you've ripped, and anything else you've downloaded over the years. Hopefully legally!

I have $10,132.12.


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    Using your prices, I came up with a little over twice what you came up with.

    But your prices are fairly well inflated... more than half of my music is ripped from CD's where the average price was much less than $.99 per song. TV shows were mostly recorded through an Elgato tuner ... and so were free. Most movies were also ripped from DVD's (and many more recorded from the tuner.) ... purchased well after the initial release date at an average price of probably half what you propose.

    I've actually spent more $ through iTunes on books than any other type of media.
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