Matlab and Spaces

in Mac Software edited January 2014

I do not know which program is causing the problem, but Matlab is not playing well with Spaces on my machine and it is driving me crazy. When working on programs, I often have Matlab in one space, my code and terminal in another and my LaTeX report in the third. I switch between them quite often to visualize changes and data.

Recently, Matlab started to jump spaces with me and then would not be shown when I call expose or spaces. Matlab itself still works but it disappears when I try to do any type of expose/spaces thing. The only solution is to restart the dock (killall Dock) in terminal and then wait for it to come back. The problem is, eventually, either the dock does not restart and/or it does not fix the problem. It is becoming increasingly annoying and makes working very, very difficult. Any idea on what is happening?

I am using the latest OS X and a very recent Matlab.


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