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Yesterday I completed my second Sprint Triathlon as they are called. It was 150m swim, 5k run and 15k bike ride. The 40 year old version of me kicked the 39 year old version of me's ass by 13 minutes. Older and faster, what a great combo!

I suspect it is just my way of dealing with what some people call middle age. I don't call it that because I plan to live to be 100 and so half of that is 50. Eitherway I've undertaken and complete a lot of sporting type activities in the last 12 months since my first Sprint Triathlon. Among them were...

First official 5k run.

Three 10k runs.

Two Century (160km) bike rides.

First half marathon.

On a typical week I run 10 miles (15km) and bike about 35 miles (50km-ish). I'd love to do more but that whole job, family, degree thing gets in the way sometimes.

My favorite thing when attending these events is seeing older active folks, especially the ones who are faster than me. It gives me something to look forward to and watching them still place top 5-10 even when 55-60 is amazing and inspirational.

Anyone else have any similar things they are undertaking? I'd love to share, learn or be inspired by you and what you do. No achievement is too small because we all start from somewhere.

Please share.


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    I'm just doing Spinning once or twice a week, and a bit of treadmill jogging once or twice a week. I'm 32, so I'm just happy I don't have a beer belly like some of my contemporaries. I'm only 5' 7" so from this point onwards being more fit will mean me looking a bit "bulkier" since I'm not that tall, but, well, cest la vie.

    I'm not necessarily fitter than when I was 18, but definitely stronger. I only completed my growth spurt just when I turned 18, and only started building any reasonable muscle definition when I was about 19+ or so. In my 20's I had a good mix of fitness and muscle definition.

    Like I said, I'm just happy about the belly situation, although I am single so it's easier to maintain fitness (?)

    Triathlon is some serious stuff. You should be proud.

    Question: How are your knees???
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