Looking for name of weird movie...

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Hi all, years ago when I was about 9 years old, I watched a movie on The Comedy Channel on Foxtel, and never caught the name. Wondering if my description will jog anyone's memory.

From what I remember it was about this green alien slug looking thing that would infect people and make their stomachs huge. After a while they would give birth to it via their belly button. Weird stuff I know. One scene I remember is this girl runs into a bathroom stall, and this green slug thing slowly wriggles out of her belly button and into the S bend of the toilet.

Now before you jump to the reply button and scream at me "IT WAS ALIEN", please I know - it wasn't. Or scream "YOU'RE A LUNATIC", please I know - I am.

It's also not Species.

That's all I know, so if anyone has any idea please post back. - Thanks!


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    Found it, it was Class of Nuke Em' High. Thanks everyone!
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    Thanks for what? Reading your thread and having no idea wth you were talking about?
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    Class of Nuke 'em High is about some kids who smoke radioactive weed, and the cheesy consequences. These include the birth of a slug-like mutant monster (although the conception is done in the normal way). It is in the same series as Toxic Avenger, which is better known. There is a sequel to Class of Nuke 'em High, which may be the one you want.

    Q: How do I know this?

    A: When I'm jet lagged I watch crap on late night tv, and for a while I used to travel a lot.
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