Steve Jobs versus .....

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Who is better when it comes to:

1) Vision

2) Innovation

3) Creativity

4) Leadership / CEO abilities

5) Execution

6) Intelligence / Street Smarts

7) Courage / Risk Taking

8) OVERALL who is better VISIONARY/CEO between the two.

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

Steve Jobs vs. Allan Mulally

Steve Jobs vs. Eric Schmidt

Steve Jobs vs. Larry Ellison

Steve Jobs vs. Ted Turner

Steve Jobs vs. Warren Buffet

Steve Jobs vs. Jack Welch

Steve Jobs vs. Lee Iacocca

Steve Jobs. vs. Andy Grove

Steve Jobs vs. Michael Bloomberg

Steve Jobs. vs. Jeff Bezos

Steve Jobs. vs. Lou Gerstner

Steve Jobs. vs. Sam Walton


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,209moderator
    It depends on how much importance you place on the effects of those attributes and to what extent those effects were directly attributable to them.

    Some people can work their way into billions of dollars by doing the right thing at the right time and most importantly having the right people around them to do it. This can imply very little about the individual at the top.

    You'd have to go quite deeply into the entire working career and personalities of all those people and weigh up a huge number of factors to even get a vague bearing on the individuals to be able to choose between each one.

    There will also be observer bias coming into play depending on what successes people see in the fields of work they care about. If your personal interests are in politics/media then you may value the efforts of Ted Turner more highly than others as the impact of their work is closer to your interests.

    I suspect you are perhaps looking for more of a 'yay Steve, boo Android' answer but I think there are too many factors to reach such meaningless conclusions.

    Human behaviour isn't baseless and entirely attributable to an individual's efforts but a collective that drives people in certain directions through their whole life.

    I don't think we'll ever know exactly how much or how little impact those icons have in the industries they are part of.
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