activating a used iPhone 4

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I'm getting my wife a (used) iPhone 4 for xmas. She currently has an iPhone 3GS. Can I simply remove her sim card from the 3GS and cut it down to micro sim size, slide it in the iPhone 4, and then activate w/ itunes?

Anyone tried this? Otherwise, I assume I'll need to get a new micro sim from ATT and call to activate it once she opens it.

They can't force me to pay an upgrade fee or renew the contract, right?


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    If it's used, shouldn't be activated already? If not, the only way you can activate it is with an ATT sim or an address book sim (don't use this option if you eventually want FaceTime to work)

    You're buying the phone yourself, they wouldn't even know you're using an iPhone 4. I sorta did the same, bought an iP4, activated with address book SIM and trimmed my PREPAID sim card to microsim.
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    I'm not very sure but will Jailbreaking the phone make it work? I heard it does or atleast that's how I think people unlock their phones
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