Network Shares stopped showing up in Finder

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My MBP has been working perfectly for over a year. Two or three days ogo it looks like the computer stopped seeing all network shares. Almost like nothing that should be seen with Bonjour is showing up. Printers, Time machine backup server (QNAP NAS), itunes libraries on other machines, etc. I can get to things by using their IP address so the network seems to be fine.

The firewall is completely turned off on the Mac and all the computers are connected over a single switch.

I tried deleting systempreferences and reinstalling the last combo update but neither solution worked. Running the latest version of Snow Leopard with all the latest updates.

The windows machines are having no trouble seeing each others iTunes libraries. When I start up iTunes on the windows boxes they briefly see the Mac iTunes library although it disappears from iTunes home sharing if i try to access it.

Would appreciate any help.




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    Completed a Time Machine backup to the last restore point which was before the issue and everything is looking good so far. I will install the latest updates and see if I can narrow down this issue if it happens again.

    TimeMachine is awesome. Super easy to restore my machine although it did take 3 hrs.
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