Move Itunes Library fromMacbook to External Hard Drive

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
i want to get the new MacBook Air 128GB but I have like 280 GB in movies, apps and music, what files do I need to copy on an external hard drive to keep itunes in tact, the playlists etc. so it will still sync with my phone and Ipad? Do I move the itunes files first to the external hard drive, change the settings to point to the new location and then remove them from my old Macbook machine before I do a time machine backup so I can restore everything but the itunes files to the new Macbook Air Hard Drive and run the itunes off the external hard drive?

Any help greatly appreciated


MacBook, Ipad 64GB Wifi, Iphone 4 32GB, Apple TV 160GB, nano 16Gb 5th, Shuffle 4th 4GB
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