Weird coding-related $PATH problem with OS X Snow Leopard

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It's been a while since I did any programming stuff but I'm looking to pick it up again. I'm writing a game so I prefer to work at a relatively low level, writing plain C and compiling it from the command line. But I've run into two problems that seem to be related:

1. When I try to execute the make command it is not found. I checked in /usr/bin (which I believe is where it ought to be) and it's not there. Anyway I was able to locate it and gcc in the Developer folder. But this is odd considering that when last I was doing these things I was able to just type make in the Terminal and have it work as on any unix system.

2. So I added the /Developer/usr/bin directory to the $PATH and tried to compile and somehow it was unable to locate any of the standard headers like <stdio.h> and so the build failed.

At first glance this seems like a $PATH problem. The only thing I can recall that has changed since the last time I wrote code is that I've updated to Snow Leopard - but surely that wouldn't screw with basic stuff like this would it?

Anyway, some help would be appreciated, thanks.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,213moderator
    Did you perhaps migrate the developer tools across after buying a new machine? I would try reinstalling the tools if you haven't already. You should have make in /usr/bin.
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    It's not a new machine, the only change is updating the operating system. But I will try reinstalling the developer tools, thanks. It can't hurt anyway.
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