OSX 10.6.3 problem...

in macOS edited January 2014
Hi Guys,

Just upgraded from 10.4.11 to Snow Leopard 10.6.3 and am very frustrated as my external hard drive (sumvision) causes the cursor to freeze and warrants a re-start (can only do this by holding down power button).

Sometimes I get a window asking if I want to use this drive as my Time Machine backup (I don't), but more often than not after plugging in the external drive everything freezes.

I hope there's a simple solution for this as there is almost 80gb of files and programs I need to transfer....

Thanks in anticipation


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    Try upgrading to 10.6.5 and see if it fixes itself. If you can move the data to another computer, reformat the external drive and move it all back on.
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    I can move the info to another computer, please explain how I would reformat the drive to make it compatible

    Thank you
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