A Big Day in the Life of "The Dude" (that's me)

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I changed my sig. for only the second time ever. It was a traumatic experience. psheesh, like anyone actually cares.


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    [quote]Originally posted by FellowshipChurch iBook:


    Hey Dude.. snap a pic of that college Steve Jobs attended. That way we still have a little of your signature.

    Also when those batteries get going again.. How about a pic of yourself... watch out for the "blue steel" look hahahaha

    Peace </strong><hr></blockquote>

    Ya, I guess those batteries have been dead since oh, February. Maybe I should charge them

    Good idea about snapping a pic of the college though. But since Steve only went there for one semester, It's been kind of low on my priority list. And I do a mean Blue Steel so you better watch out buddy. :cool:
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