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The HD of my (early 2009) MBP crashed. So I took it to Apple's tech dept and the HD was exchanged for a new one. To restore it I started the MBP (with the new, totally empty HD) up from a Leopard/OSX.5 installation DVD. It asked me if I would want to restore from an external Time Machine HD. I did, and it got going restoring the internal HD from the external Time Machine backup HD. That was finished in one-and-a-half hours, and my MBP restarted, checked for Software Updates, installed those, and restarted again.

Then the restore was ready. But lo and behold, the MBP is now suddenly running on OSX.6.5! SNOW Leopard!

I used a Leopard installation disk, I restored from a backup that included Leopard. I never bought or asked for Snow Leopard, and I have no Snow Leopard installation DVD. Yet now my MBP is running on Snow Leopard...

I'm (obviously) not complaining. It looks to me like that was the result of one of those Software Updates. It fully automatically updated my Leopard to Snow Leopard. But I wonder how/why I apparently got eligible for it.

I've got an iMac running on Leopard too. I'm going to try to reproduce the above on that iMac: totally erasing the internal HD, starting up from a Leopard DVD, restoring the internal HD from a Time Machine external HD (that includes Leopard), and see if I automatically get SNOW Leopard on the iMac as well.


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    You got the drive from Apple. It had Snow Leopard on it when they gave it to you. You used the Leopard disk as a proxy for the restore of your files to the new drive. Your old OS files were superseded by the ones that were already on the drive that Apple gave you.

    You can't magically get Snow Leopard with a Leopard disk. That's utter nonsense.
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