iPhone 5 & AT&T LTE on 700 MHz?

in iPhone edited January 2014
Having spent nearly $2 billion on new bandwidth and such, AT&T is expected deploy their (4G) LTE technology in 2011 on the 700 MHz band where they have recently acquired substantial bandwidth. It appears that the plan is to move their data (smartphones) there both because of the bandwidth and because of anticipated improvements in penetration of structures and other cover as well as increased range which should improve coverage in many areas.

But where does this leave the iPhone? Is Apple expected to implement this with the iPhone 5 or wait another year for the iPhone 6?

I have read that Apple was not going to have an LTE iPhone for the initial Verizon iPhone even though Verizon is deploying LTE early next year. Is it believed that Apple is not doing this because they would have to make a phone which is both LTE capable and CDMA capable in order to provide coverage throughout the network or just because Apple is slow on the uptake? Either answer could impact the AT&T situation as I see it.

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