Creating new user accounts in SnowLeopard

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As an administrator (without FileVault protection) on SnowLeopard, I created a standard user account (test user1) with FileVault protection. I just want to get familiar with it before creating real accounts. But as an administrtor I can't look at files created by test user1. I get a message that I don't have permission.

Do I need FileVault on for the administrator in order to do this?

If not, as an administrtor, why can't I see what's on other user is doing?

Is there a way as an administrator I can see what's files are downloaded, created, websites visited, etc?

I'm aware of creating a user account with Parental controls, but would that give me the ability to see what's in the folder?


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    Even withOUT FileVault turned on, you are not allowed to look into other user accounts.

    To be able to look into other accounts, you will need to have the password for that account.

    Administrator merely means that you will be able to do things to the system that can affect other users... such as installing Apps and plugins that will be available globally (rather than only to the user that installed it). As and Admin, you'll also be able to log other users OFF (but not ON).

    File Vault doesn't provide more or less access to an account... it simply encrypts it to make it almost impossible for someone to illicitly gain access to what's in it.
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    You can only do that as the root user generally but you could also add permissions to those folders for say the group user and set the group to be your admin user. Trouble is, new files won't adhere to it so logging in as root is the easiest option.

    Enabling the root user in Snow Leopard is done with the Directory Utility in /System/Library/CoreServices/Directory It's in the edit menu. It became commonplace to warn people not to enable root for security reasons but it's not really a big deal. There's not much you can do with it different from an admin account, you just don't have to change things first.

    Once you enable root and choose the password, logout and then login with the username root and the password you picked (obviously pick a decent password and it can be the same as your admin one).
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    Thanks to all for responses. I was able to create another test account with FileVault. This time, I gave the adminstrator read/write access. Although now the test account has .sparsebundle and it takes up about 650MB, I'm not complaining too much
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