Leopard doesn't start up

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I know it's my first post so i'm kind of shy to ask tips but it's getting hurry cuz i return in school tomorrow!...

I've got my MBP in june, I choose the cheapest model ( I don't remember exactly what i got inside) and I don't pick up the apple care (mistake: I know)

So actually; it's not working:

When I try to open it normally: it stay in the grey apple picture

When I try to open it in safe mode: it does the same thing

When I put the cd on and press the touch C, it goes to the grey apple and stay there

When I press ALT, it doesn't seem that the computer consider the installation cd like a hardware

I successed few times to open it in verbose mode but it doesn't work anymore. Today I've got those lines

Bug: launchctl.c:3796 (23930):2 lstat- d_name, &sb_) !=-1

(same lines 16 times)

Launchctl: Please convert the following to launchd:/etc/mach.init.d/dashboardadvisoryd.plst

Launch_msg: Socket is not connect

I really need HELP!!!



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    Try re-seating the RAM ... It could have gotten jarred loose.

    Otherwise, if it's less than a year old, them it's still under warranty. TAKE IT BACK TO APPLE!
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