iPhone Warranty & Polish Civil Code - conflict

in iPhone edited January 2014

In August 2008 I bought the iPhone 3G for my company. In (August) 2009 it broke down, I gave it to the warranty and I got new iPhone (with new IMEI) from authorized service. This year, 2010, my phone broke down one more time and in July I gave it to the warranty one more time. After few weeks I got a message that "warranty is out of date". I phoned to the authorized service and they said "after receiving a new device you get only 90 days of the warranty.

After contact with a lawyer, he said me that when I bought something for a COMPANY, the most important document (more than warranty) is Polish Civil Code (in Poland).

This is a quote from it:

"Art. 581. § 1. If, in discharging his obligations resulting from the guarantee, the guarantor delivered to the the person entitled in the guarantee, instead of a defective thing, a thing free from defects or carried out essential repairs to the thing sold, the time of the guarantee shall run anew from the time of the delivery of the thing free from defects or the return of the thing repaired. If the guarantor has exchanged a part of the thing sold, the above provision shall apply accordingly to the exchanged part.".

So I should get new year of the warranty! Service claims, erroneously, that the most important thing is what is written in the warranty card.

How can I contact Apple or solve that problem?

Thank you
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