Rumors: iPhone 5 or Verizon iPhone Parts Leaked?

in iPhone edited January 2014 has posted a video and photos on its site that it claims could be the frame and internals of the next version of the iPhone, either the “Verizon” CDMA iPhone or simply the iPhone 5. The site, a parts retailer, is offering up the individual parts for sale?"

A video from the sites shows off of the various “iPhone 5″ parts and compares them with similar items from the previous iPhone 4. Most notable among the differences are significant changes to the iPhone’s new external antenna, with a third black separation band added on the right side of the phone, and one of the bands moved from the top of the phone to just above the ringer switch, presumably to fix the sweet spot issues that, when touched, can lead to signal loss.


Resoure from: The iPhone 5 or Verizon iPhone Parts Leaked?


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