Help me formulate a petition

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Someone started a petition against .Mac. I am not fond of Apples move but knowing that Apple is a firm that has to please its investors and the customers and have to have a solid economic basis to be able to make great products in the future I have accepted and bought the .Mac package.

But I want to balance things (the starters of the petition are already talking about a class action ) I would make a petition stating what I said above.

But english isn´t my native language and esp. not the petition-english-lingo so would someone please help me formulate a petition with the following included:

-Not fond of the move esp. not because nothing was hinted about this.

-But understand that sometimes a firm has to make unpopular decisions due to other concerns.

-People not bound to use .Mac/have a free choice.

-Hope it will grow in scope so it will be worth the $100 next year.

And it would be kind of cool if it sounded close to the <a href=""; target="_blank">"anti-.Mac" petition</a>
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