Open Podcast MP3 As Alarm?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I'm trying to make a simple AppleScript application (or, really, any automation) for use as an alarm clock. At a given time in the morning (every Monday through Thursday on a regular basis), I'd like it to open and play the most recent episode of a podcast (NPR's 7 AM News Summary). The podcast can be found online here, but the URL of each episode's MP3 file is different, and doesn't follow a simple pattern (ie, 2010-01-08, -09, -10, etc.).

Can anyone help me with this? While quite deep in the world of Mac myself, I'm a GUI guy, and have essentially no coding experience. I've looked around for solutions to this, but haven't found any particularly good ones. I've also given Alarm Clock Pro a go, since that can load URLs at a given time, but since the desired podcast URL changes daily, it's ACP's a no-go.

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