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Here's some rock created on a Quicksilver G4 933 using Digital Performer.

Gooooo Apple!

(Also, tell me what you think!)

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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,271member
    Quit Stallingg

    I like it. I think the backing guitars are a little loud to be spaced so wide. Nate sounds like a mini Neil Peart. I would even do a mix with the vocals a little more compressed and upfront with the backing harmonies kicking in for a nice effect.

    It would be nicer if I wasn't right

    Something isn't sitting right here. Maybe it's the tempo is a little fast. It's like the vocalist doesn't have enough time to phrase his lines. The piano follows the vocal but my ears are begging for something with a little more bite to match the vocals.


    More Rhythm guitar! More crunch! Are you recording the Guitars direct or are they samples? The hook it up and make it hit harder. Nate must hate this song he doesn't get to go off

    I got caught once

    Nice vocal level. Guitars sound pretty clean. That piano sounds a little out of place...the notes probably need to slide a little more.

    Dude not bad at all. What's your setup like running DP?
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    pookjppookjp Posts: 280member
    Great comments.... thank you! I particularly agree with you on your comments on Packages and Easier if I Wasn't Right.

    The set up with DP runs fabulously. This is equipment owned by my college, and is well maintained by a real Mac head.
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