Can the Pioneer DVR-103 in Quicksilver G4 record on 4x DVD-RW discs?

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I'm wondering if the the superdrive is capable of burning 4x DVD-RW's. I have the firmware revision 1.9 for the drive. I can find 4x DVD-RW's at a few big box retailers but i know I can't find and DVD-R's at them. If anyone has tried them and had success i would like to know before i go buy the discs. I'm trying to make a single layer DVD copy of Leopard. Need to install it so i can update to iPhone 4 this weekend and don't wait to wait to place an online order for a plain 2x or 4x DVD-R. I would appreciate any insight or advise.

Looking at the Apple document suggests it might be limited to just 2x DVD-RW discs.

I'm still wondering if anyone has had luck with the 4x DVD-RW discs.


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    you can burn at any speed at or below the rating of the disc and burner, thus a 4x RW disc can be burned at 1x, 2x, and 4x speeds as long as your burner supports those speeds.
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