500 million!

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So. I have read today, that Apple has sold over 100 million devices.

I had posted in 2007 that "Apple will have 500 million devices in the field

by Q3 2015.

Whew! did I take a lot of flack for that post. I stand by it! he..he.

Does not seem so far fetched a prediction today.

Just thought to remind all the "newbies" he..he.. :-)

And to all you other prognosticators out there, enjoy! namaste'

What do you think?

Nice comments. Don't beat-me-up. :-)


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    Posted where?

    How long did it take them to do 160 million? I buy 350 million by 2015, but not 500.
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,665member
    By "devices" do we mean iOS devices? By "in the field" do we mean actually functioning, as oppose to replacements and upgrades?

    Given the latest sales numbers, I think it's fair to assume there are at least 100 million iOS devices in use at the moment. Baring some kind of catastrophe, I think Apple will sell another 125-150 million iOS devices in the coming calendar year.

    I think it's inevitable that the current white-hot growth rate will cool somewhat in the next few years, but even maintaining modest increases year over year Apple can easily sell 500 million iOS devices by 2015-- but of course not everything sold over the next 5 years will be "in the field" over that entire time.

    Of course, if growth rates are better than modest, I don't think it's unreasonable to think Apple can sell sufficiently more than 500 million devices in order to have that number out there and functioning.
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    Hi. Also said they would all connect to each other. Remember Mr Cray? ....posted it some ware? Still not a Facebook person and may have used other name...dr. Figgnuttan?
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