iPad 2 Gaming -- A World Of Difference

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Here's my idea ....

The word on the street is iPad 2's gonna have a proximity sensor.

The example given is that when a case will open/close, the iPad will sleep/wake.

It's a reasonable assumption to say the sensor will be embedded along the iPad's edges -- in the bezel.

So how about this ....?

Imagine, a boxing game -- "The Sweet Science", I'm thinking of calling it.

You hold your hands several inches above the iPad & the width of the bezels across it.

Already you see where I'm going, right? * l o l

You throw a left hook & your character onscreen does the same.

A right cross? *Ditto.

A devestating uppercut? *Double ditto.

The speed at which you move your hand determines the force behind the blow.

No control scheme acumen? *No problem ....

Just visit "Mac's Gym" -- replete with a grizzly voice-acted manager offering "contructive criticism"*

[something along the lines of: "Ya hit like a goil, ya sissy Mary! Put some mustard behind those punches!"] -- to put in some quality workout time at the speedbag;*

or getting in a few rounds with that *new, not-quite-so experienced sparring partner, mayhaps?

This newly added Wii-esque functionality -- coupled with the iPad being within reach as opposed to 10 feet away across your living room floor --*

brings with it a myriad of possiblities.

Like a pattycake game for your 6 year old daughter.

Or "Rock/Paper/Scissors HD" for Junior.

The mind boggles ....

What do you guys think?


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,217moderator
    Originally Posted by CaryMG View Post

    What do you guys think?

    It sounds like Kinect but without all the technology that makes Kinect work.
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    A proximity sensor is not a movement sensor.
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    As we accidentally knock our iPads across the room. Bad idea and, as stated earlier, it's not a motion detector, though the same idea could theoretically be applied using the front-facing camera.
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