mac book won't boot --but there's more

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
white macbook c2d 10.6.6 2gb ram recently upgraded my hd from OWC hitachi 320gb in last 4 months

will get to the splash sound, grey screen, and spinning timer then hangs

rebooted with reseting pram, etc as on these boards

hard reboot same thing

connected to my clone FW backup

selected the MB hd, then did the disk repair (it said nothing to repair), repaired permissions then confirmed

rebooted to native HD, this time got to the log in screen, then hangs won't let me log in

hard rebooted twice, then all of a sudden its back, and working just fine

1. thank goodness for super duper and my FW clone

2. what happened and how to prevent

I immediately did a software update

its my wife's MB,

your thoughts and maybe add this to the genius bar "things to do"

thanks for your insight
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