Lincoln Navigator Commercial

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Does anyone know the name of that jazzy like song playing in the background of the Lincoln Navigator Commercials??


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    Mr. Scruff - Get a move on
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    tigerwoods99tigerwoods99 Posts: 2,633member
    Bah, I like the Buick commercials.

    "WHat? You were expecting Igor? Ahahaha!"

    "I love this town!"

    Pure genius!!
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    How ironic: the only redeeming thing about the Lincoln Navigator is the jazzy song on the commercial. It is a pretty cool tune though. I had the same thought when I heard it. So many car commercials use well-known music, I should've assumed this one did too.

    Cracks me up when Cadilsmack does Zeppelin for their ridiculous line of high tech boats. Yah man, totally far out! Worse still was when The Who sold out to Nissan. Rat bastards.

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