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I remember a long tale of speculations and theories if a Mac App Store will eventually emerge. Well, right now it's not a speculation anymore, it's reality. It's interesting that it never accrued to me when I was working on iOS app promotion that one day the Mac App Store will open its doors and it'll be a great new market, where sure enough many developers do need help with their apps promotion.

I firmly believe that app developers are gonna face the same kind of issues iOS developers have with their apps - problems with getting the word out about their apps fast and effective enough to give their apps a nice start. Some of them will succeed on this first stage but have no idea how to retain this attention afterwords and be able to keep their app downloads and sale rate.

But also the fact that the Mac App Store isn't and won't a single channel of getting apps on your Mac speaks to that the situation with app marketing will not be completely identical to iOS apps.

One of the things which it seems like nobody noticed about the Mac App Store is that, meanwhile it does provide the way to manage apps updating and manage the list of apps you download from the store, but it does not allow users to un-install apps. It's understood that it's definitely work in the progress but one would hope that the store would provide such capabilities right from the start.

And there is another thing, which I find highly interesting, which is the interaction between the iTunes App Store and the Mac App Store. Literally what marketing strategies app developers are gonna deploy to make the most of being on the both stores? I mean it's obvious that some portion of iOS apps are people who are Mac users and so they are potential users of Mac apps, which the same developers may develop having an experience in Mac OSX apps developing. Well, it was no brainer that Angry Birds and Amazon Reader app will be introduced asap but what about other apps? We are talking about 300,000+ apps from the iTunes App Store, it's a HUGE apps market to spread on the Mac App Store as well. Right now the ratio of apps number between the stores like 1:300 and it's interesting how fast it's gonna change.


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    I would love to hear Mac developers stories about their experience with the Mac App Store. I assume I know the problems you may have but it's only my assumption, as an mobile app marketing professional I'm interested to know what challenges do you face on the Mac App Store market?
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