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first off, in the middle east, ok. Shit happens life's cheap and more important stuff goes down every day. Don't want a soap opera digest. But AFN shows ancient stuff; Showtime satellite season's started off with among other things, That's Life (Heather Paige, Paul Sorvino, Ellen Burstyn, & Kevin Dillon with a different GF than I remember from the prior season. Is that still in production? What the happened with The Sopranos, I mean after the Russian gangster Paulie thought they killed after they shot him in the head in the snow in the Jersey woods? And Buffy, Angel, Days of Our Lives, the 49ers. OK well maybe not DOL. Resurrection Blvd? Saw Johnny Tapia, and BH 90210's Brian Austin Green on it recently (showtimeonline's locked out to overseas websurfers). Ruth Livier is so hot. What's up with RB? No trivia too small...please post on!

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