Adobe prepping "Creative Suite 5.5 Digital Publishing? for iOS, Android development



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    Originally Posted by tundraBuggy View Post

    You Flash bashers just don't seem to get the big picture!

    Mobile platforms need developers in big numbers and as loyal as the IOS developers.

    IOS has about 150K+ developers now. Flash has 5 Million, yes 5 MILLION developers (OK pseudo-developers)... Wiseup, Flash will be bigger than it ever was before. It is naive not to believe this.

    I love how people like this think that Developers are the rulers of the world!

    Apple has shown what really drives technology....customers. Just ask Adobe, whose desperately trying to keep Flash's left foot relevant in a right shoe world of smartphones, touch screens and tablets that's exploding...with or without Flash.

    So how's that working out so far? Exactly what device is beating the iPhone BECAUSE it has Flash?!

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    mstonemstone Posts: 11,510member
    Originally Posted by pairof9s View Post

    So how's that working out so far? Exactly what device is beating the iPhone BECAUSE it has Flash?!

    I think even Flash's most ardent advocates have mostly conceded that it is not really appropriate for cell phones. Tablets may be a different story. The fact that Apple chooses not allow Flash on iOS devices is their choice. As Steve said, the desktop is like a truck and mobile is like a car. Flash does a nice job for what it is designed to do, much like a truck that is used for heavy duty work.

    An iPhone has a lot of compromises anyway and is really awkward for many tasks that are simple to accomplish on a desktop. In my opinion iPhone is a poor phone and mediocre at pretty much everything else except music, due to such a small screen. I still enjoy owning one though, as it is fun to be able to access information on the go.

    My one wish for Flash is that developers would restrain their use of it for illegitimate purposes like delivering ads and useless animations. For intelligent interactive projects such as applications for education or business that can take full advantage of Flash's power, there is really nothing that compares to Flash in the desktop browser environment.
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    Originally Posted by DocNo42 View Post

    The only good Flash experience is on Windows.

    That's and lots of annoying web sites are done in flash because of many of the "easy" things you point out, but to be fair a lack of taste or common sense isn't really Adobe's problem.

    But the sucky performance of Flash on anything but Windows is. I think Adobe got lazy and figured Windows would be the top dog forever and it's now biting them in the ass big time.

    I've seen Flash rich web sites working fine on Samsung Galaxy S with Android 2.2 (or was it maybe 2.3?). No Flash games and that kind of stuff, just whole site done in Flash. Animations were smooth, with good responsiveness to user's input.
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    Originally Posted by digitalclips View Post

    You probably already have but if not install clicktoflash. It is a lifesaver for MBPs. I also use Little Snitch and deny tons of connections from web sites (e.g. Time) to connect to sites associated with macromedia sites (weird eh?).

    I actually didn't have it. Now I do and I really appreciate you mentioning it!
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    Originally Posted by allmypeople View Post

    I actually didn't have it. Now I do and I really appreciate you mentioning it!

    yvw. It is brilliant isn't it.
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