Geforce 4 MX VGA?

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Within the next few weeks, I am hoping to order one of the new low end powermacs with a Geforce 4 MX. The only thing I am needing to know is, does this card support VGA displays? I really want an Apple Studio Display, but cannot currently afford it, so this is pretty important. On Apple's site on the info bar, it says this:

"Each card can drive an ADC based Apple flat panel as well as any device with a VGA connector by simply attaching both monitors."

It would appear by that that this is true, but it seems strangely phrased.. If anyone knows this, please lemme know. Thanks a bunch. (I cannot WAIT to move from my iMac 450 lol)


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    It means the card has both a ADC and a VGA port, which can be used together ot not.

    Mean you can either attach a ADC screen, or a VGA screen, or both.

    Apple was stupid enough to make their screens ADC only, but they're not totally brain****ed to make the cards ADC only.

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