Canceling AT&T 3G Service

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So, I sold my iPad thinking it was a good time before iPad 2 is announced. I want to buy the next gen when it comes out. After the sale and shipment of the iPad, I receive this email saying that my 3G service was renewed for another month. Although I swear I stopped it on my iPad, there's the email.

The email states that the service was renewed. Nothing else. There is absolutely no information on how to cancel the subscription for 3G service or who to contact. I realize that a call to AT&T is required. The call is made

When they answer, they ask for the serial number. That is gone with the sale. No problem, they look up my account and tell me that they will transfer me to the right person. I get transferred and I explain my problem to the person that picks up. The person asks me what they expect them to do. Huh? He goes on to explain that he is an Apple rep. AT&T transferred me to Apple to handle their 3G service. Ugh.

So, after going through the 3 hour phone tree again, I explain what happened to the service rep. She has no idea what to do. She puts me on hold. Upon picking the call back up, says she has no idea what to do and transfers me to somebody else. After explaining my story, that next person transfers me to the group that handles Apple products. Finally. I explain the whole story of the iPad and the following service, and she explains that she has no idea how to cancel a 3G subscription.

She puts me on hold for awhile and then transfers me to somebody else. this person knows what to do, and eventually, I get it cancelled. I advise her that AT&T should consider revising their email to include how to cancel the subscription. They should give me a new iPad for this stroke of genius suggestion.


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    AT&T announced their new website feature that allows all iPad WiFi + 3G owners to manage their 3G account and data plans from any internet-connected device. All you need is the same login credentials as on your iPad.

    Up until now, iPad 3G users needed to manage their data plans directly from the iPad by going to the ?Settings/Cellular Data? screen. With the new website that has changed.

    In order to manage your data plan, all you have to do is go to and click on the ?Add Data Now? button. AT&T also clarified that you can use the new website to setup and manage any new iPad WiFi + 3G tablets that you currently own, as well as any new ones you add to your collection.

    Now, if for whatever reason you leave home without your iPad, you don?t have to worry about making last minute changes to your AT&T 3G data plan. You can simply update it from any internet-connected device.

    Hope this helps!

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