CNBC: Apple Is Most Valuable Company on Earth: Analysts

in iPhone edited January 2014
Analysts have had three weeks since Apple reported its best quarter ever to breakdown the results and the verdict is finally in: Apple should be the most valuable company on earth.

Since the Jan. 18 report where Apple said it sold a record 16 million iPhones last quarter and nearly doubled the sales of iPads, at least five firms have raised their 12-month forecast on the stock to an average price of $467, or a 32 percent increase from here. At that level, Apple?s market value would total $433.7 billion, flying past Exxon Mobil?s current market value of $423.2 billion.


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    Replace IS with WILL BE. And this is even assuming Exxon-Mobil stays exactly the same while they've added almost $30 billion in just a few months.
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    penchantedpenchanted Posts: 1,070member
    Given the run-up in oil prices, I think it will be a while before Apple passes Exxon's market cap.
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    It would also take the markets throwing caution to the wind as far as AAPL is concerned, something they haven't been willing to do for some time.
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