Best means of storing iTunes library?

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My iMac HD is now full. This only a few months after purchasing TV and films to stream to my Apple TV. It is an old system however and I was intending to replace it come the next iMac refresh. I should probably also replace my 500GB Time Capsule with the newer version so there's enough space to back up my new iMac and existing Macbook. My questions is could I then use my existing Time Capsule purely as an external hard drive for my iTunes library (preferably video only)? And if so is there anyway I can set it up to back up itself to the new Time Capsule or can back ups only be done from internal Mac hard drives?


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    yes, you can store your itunes data to the TC, although it's an "all or nothing" affair due to itunes' preferences only allowing to move the whole media folder and not select folders within it.

    and if you still want to maintain backups to the TC, you can use the AirPort Utility to partition the drive for multiple duty, allowing for TC assignment with one partition and allowing the other partition to work as a drag and drop network drive.

    if you need more room and dont want to upgrade, you can just connect a USB2 drive to the port on the TC itself. Airport Utility will recognize it as an available drive and the Time Capsule software will allow you to assign backups to it.

    as for backing itself up, why? to have a backup on the same disk as the data being backed up defeats the purpose of a backup as the idea is to be able to restore your data in case of drive failure. if the drive fails, you'll lose the backup as well as the primary data. but you can attach a USB2 drive to the TC as described earlier and have TC backup both the internal TC's drag and drop partition and your imac's internal drive to the external USB drive.
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