"Electrical Storm"

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Great new U2 song played for the first time yesterday. Give it a listen. Nice guitar from The Edge on it

<a href="http://www.U2guatemala.com/download.htm"; target="_blank">http://www.U2guatemala.com/download.htm</a>;


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    Do they have a new CD out or something?
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    [quote]Do they have a new CD out or something?<hr></blockquote>


    "Best Of - 1990 - 2000"

    Includes what the band sees as their best (not just the most popular) work from the past decade, and two new songs.

    The aftermentioned "Electrical Storm" and "The Hands That Built America" (written for the film "The Gangs Of New York" which is coming out in December)

    They are also remixing several of their own songs themselves.

    Including "Discotheque" (PLEEEESE bring out the guitar to the forefront)


    and "Numb"

    How these tracks will eventually be relesed is anybody's guess. The most likely scenario is that they will be used as B-Sides for the "Best Of" singles. Singles that will probably not come out in the U.S. (the videos and radio singles will, of course)

    Though, avid collectors can import them easily and rabid fans can simply download them.

    BTW, this song was not supposed to be delivered to radio until September 16th, with a single relese in October with a "Best Of" release sometime in October or Nov.

    Bono himself leaked this song, he gave a promo single to the DJ who premiered it in advance. (The band has sneaked new material out in advance in defiance of their record company since "All That You Can't Leave Behind" came out, samples were hidden on their web site with an inviation for people to poke around and see what they could find.)

    (thanks Bono!)
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