4G service in New York City

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....anybody having luck getting good 4G coverage in NYC?---I plan to take my iPad with

me and I find ATT's 3G very slow----


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    which "FauxG" service are you referring to? Clear/Sprint WiMax? AT&T/T-Mobile HSPA+? or Verizon LTE? knowing which helps greatly, as well as where in NYC, since it's a rather large city.

    as far as AT&T service goes, NYC is one of the locations where the majority of complaints are centered and it's likely due to the urban canyons within manhattan as well as a large concentration of users in a single spot. because of the topography in certain locations, you'll likely have difficulty on most any network, therefore making your location a bit of important info.

    otherwise, my best assumption would have to be WiMax or LTE as your best bet for connectivity simply due to the low number of users at this point, topography notwithstanding.
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    I was thinking of wimax in an apt off Central Park in the 70's
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    Originally Posted by sammick View Post

    I was thinking of wimax in an apt off Central Park in the 70's

    sure. just keep the modem's antenna near or outside the window. i've never had much luck with WiMax indoors no matter where i'm at.
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    Thanks for the advice
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