Startup/Restart OSX as if Sleep - Save App States

in macOS edited January 2014
Hey I wish to restart into OSX from Windows7 as easily as returning from "sleep". I'm often wanting to use Windows7 exclusive apps for a few tasks with as much computing power as possible, & as such mere emulation through OSX is not suitable.

The problem however is that even If I'm to set "open at login" in OSX for all my programs, it just merely opens them and doesn't open whatever documents/windows etc I had open at the time before shutting down, unlike sleep.

And as far as Chrome/Firefox go I wish for that restore from state to not require internet access to reload all the tabs/windows I had open as I'm not always online, as I often have heaps of articles loaded while online and read later while offline, & "sleep" allow me this. However restarting from windows7 requires restoring the firefox/chrome session, and then tethering from my iPhone for the articles to reload which is very inconvenient and not as fast as I'd hope.

I want return from Windows7 to OSX to be as hassle free & as quick as possible as returning from sleep Not being able to do so would probably require eventual return to Windows7 for basic tasks through tiredness of restarting, as Xcode is the only OSX exclusive app I use while there's plenty more on Windows. I do prefer OSX for basic tasks though
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