happy B-Day to me

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happy b-day to me...

happy b-day to me...

happy b-day dear gelding

(come on, everyone sing along)

happy b-day to me!!!!

thank you thank you....now thegelding go get very drunk and find a way to wedge head under back of front seat on the drive home...just like on the night before my wedding....g


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    How old does this day make you?
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    probably at least twice to 2 1/2 times the average age of posters here....in other words...much too old.....g

    now stop asking me questions.....what part of "thegelding go get very drunk now" did you not understand? i have places to go, pub glasses to empty and brain cells to kill....by the end of the evening i hope to be dancing to the sounds of "It's getting hot in herrre, so take off all your clothes" and embarasssing and scarring my children for life as i hear them say, "Jesus Christ Dad, this is a Chuckie Cheese, not a rave...would you please put your pants back on...you are making the children cry"....ahhhh, the beauty of birthdays.....g

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    mimacmimac Posts: 871member
    Happy Birthday G!

    Have some of this.....

    ...or maybe this...

    ...I personally recommend the latter

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    hmmmmmm, guinness is my favorite...thanks....MiMac.....will have to share one with you if i ever make it to the "homeland"...since i'm irish too, i genetically have a larger than normal liver...all the better to filter the many beers i will throw at it tonight....g
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    He's 51...............b
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    LIES...LIES....LIES....you bastard....dang, it's time to leave and you are making me post more messages by posting LIES!!!!

    brad knows my age, yet he chooses to taunt me...i shall be the bigger man and walk away without striking back nor telling any truths about brad and how he was born with ambiguous genitalia...g
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    mimacmimac Posts: 871member
    Yes, the Irish are known for their genetically superior livers, did you know Guinness is good for you! Full of vitamins, minerals etc...

    And seeing as it's your birthday you ought to have at least 5 - 10 pints of the black stuff just to keep your energy up!

    Ye will have to get back to the Emerald Isle and meet me fer an auld drinkin' session sometime.

    ...any excuse for a drink
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    Happy birthday old man.
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    Well, you did say it was 2.5 times my age... oh, wait, average age... oooh, I get it.

    I'd bet that the average age may be greater than you suspect. I think it's just that the younger bunch seem to be a bit more outlandish and louder with their posts; thus, you may think they make up a greater number. Also, naivete and certain writing styles can give the illusion that some members are younger than they really are.

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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    Hi b-day g-man. I'll toast you (in my head. I don't my friends to think I'm crazy) tonight.
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    mmmmmmmmm....head toast......yummmmmmm.....

    spinning bed calls to me children......g
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