How do you listen to music

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How do you listen to music? MP3 player, iPhone, radio, internet, vinyl?

If the 50?s and 60's were the era of the record, in the 70's we had tape, (lovely 8-tracks and cassettes!), and the Sony Walkman, then CD's in the 80?s and now MP3's.

This Day in Music is running a poll to find out how you listen to your music.

If you fancy having a vote


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    On my iPod Classic (often), on my iPod Touch (rarely), on my iPod Shuffle (rarely), on iTunes on my MacBook Pro in the bedroom (daily), and broadcast from my MacBook Pro to my Apple TV in the living room (daily).
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    The poll is strange, as it doesn't have an option (except "other") for listening on your computer, which I think quite a lot of us here do. Also, it should allow for more than one choice.
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    miroddmirodd Posts: 15member
    It really depends on where I am and what I'm doing. If I'm mobile, then it's on my phone. If I'm at work, it's on my computer. If I'm home, it's on my stereo.
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    Originally Posted by stolbonee View Post

    I decided to downgrade my 3790 firmware yesterday, and heres a little tip that could help everyone in the future. Before you perform a firmware upgrade, look in the Garmin folder or hidden .System folder on new models for a file named gupdate.GCD. Copy this file to your computer somewhere. Its the installer for the current update on your unit.

    Now perform the firmware update. If you later decide that you want to go back to the previous version, simply delete the new version and copy your old version of gupdate.GCD back to the Garmin or .System folder. The next time you start your nuvi, the old firmware will be reinstalled.

    This is easier than trying to find the old version on Garmins site, and pretty much assures that you will restore your nuvi to the exact same version of the firmware you were using before the new update.

    And what is the connection with Apple products?
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